Body Butter Benefits

Body butter is unique compared to other moisturisers; its composition is mainly essential oils and nut butter whereas most moisturisers are water based, containing up to 70% water in some cases.

The consistency itself is much thicker than lotion and when used regularly, this dense emollient texture will hydrate the skin like nothing else.

Body butter is best used during cooler times of the year when skin is most prone to dehydration.

Body butter works by melting in to the skin; although it will feel solid at first, its softening point is actually skin temperature so when you apply body butter and massage in, it gradually melts, allowing it to penetrate to much deeper levels of the epidermis.

Body butter also forms a protective barrier, which not only shields the skin from damaging external elements but holds in moisture too. As essential as the elements are, when they come into contact with the skin they are not our friend!

Dry air can draw out a lot of the skin’s natural moisture and can open up the pores making it easier for bacteria to gather. Body butter adds an additional layer of protection against such damages.

Body butters are sources of many nutrients which can be otherwise difficult to incorporate in to your beauty regime, but are essential for healthy, youthful skin. They are particularly rich in vitamins E, A and C.

Vitamin E is a key antioxidant which stimulates the growth of new skin cells, replenishing the skin for a fresher, more youthful appearance.

Omega 3 fats are also contained in body butters which are highly moisturising, and also help to calm inflammation.

The majority of moisturisers contain a number of parabens (chemical preservatives) which are known to have potentially carcinogenic effects, often being linked to breast and ovarian cancer in women.

Body butters contain only natural ingredients which mean that they are a much safer option in terms of your wellbeing, rich in emollients and anti-oxidants as opposed to harsh chemicals!

The softness of one’s skin after using body butter is often remarked as significantly greater than regular moisturisers. The rich cream eliminates dry, cracked skin and is particularly beneficial to those who suffer with eczema or other skin conditions where moisture balance and retention are compromised.

The rich oils in the butter, however, wrap the skin in an additional layer of moisture which not only penetrates further into the epidermis, but makes for much longer lasting hydration.

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