S'NO'W Parcels Today

by Cleo HQ

Due to adverse weather conditions in our area today, unfortunately DPD and Royal Mail weren't able to get here to collect our parcels, so we couldn't ship any orders. 

It's been quite treacherous on the roads and we only just managed to make it in after a 10 minute drive to work took around 2 hours and a dig out of a jam this morning. 

It's continued to snow all day and now the temperature has dropped to freezing, so it if it continues, we may not be able to get here tomorrow and there may also be a cancelled post collection again. 

We apologise if this causes inconvenience, however safety of all personnel has to be made a priority. 

We're going to set off home, some of us on foot for several miles, and build a snowman. 

Take care and stay safe - things will be back to normal soon. 

The Cleo Team