Why every woman needs an eye mask

However you refer to them eye masks, night masks or sleep masks are one of 10 top trending purchases predicted for 2018.

There are three main reasons for using an eye mask; sleep sensitivity, travel, or as a beauty aid.

1. Sensitive sleepers use eye masks to rest in complete darkness, as just a minor hint of light can result in difficulty getting to sleep or staying asleep.

Eye masks used as a sleep aid are often infused with a lavender aroma from seeds or oil. This is known to encourage deeper relaxation, enhancing the quality of your slumber.

2. Travellers use eye masks to sleep or rest on long car journeys (as a passenger of course) flights during the day, if suffering from jetlag, or at night in an unfamiliar hotel.

Being small and lightweight they’re easy to carry in a handbag or hand luggage and are an absolute must have on any journey away from home.

3. Beauty enthusiasts use eye masks for, you guessed it, beauty sleep! The power of sleep should never be under-estimated in the quest for youthfulness.

You can gain so much from deep and restful sleep, and even a quick power nap can do wonders for your skin and your overall wellbeing.

When choosing a mask as a beauty aid, the most popular ones are made from satin or silk, as this is a fabulous anti-wrinkle material and it feels soft and delicate against your skin.

Benefits of beauty sleep

  • Lack of sleep can accelerate the ageing process; skin repairs itself when you sleep, producing new collagen and increasing blood flow which results in fewer wrinkles and a glowing complexion. At least 7 hours is recommended to achieve healthier skin.
  • Brighter, less puffy eyes can be gained by good and sufficient sleep, allowing your body to successfully drain toxins that accumulate in this area.
  • You’d never imagine that weight loss could be related to sleep, but it is! Sleep makes you feel less hungry and speeds up your metabolism and recent studies have linked sleep deprivation to excess snacking and calorie consumption, so a bit more shut-eye can help you shed a few excess pounds.
  • Boost your mood and wake up with more energy, reduced stress and anxiety, improved concentration and focus - it may not be direct beautification, but eliminating those negative physical and emotional states when you sleep well can have a very positive effect on the way you look.
  • Research also shows that consistent good night’s rest can help boost your immune system making you less vulnerable to disease.

It’s clear that getting enough sleep brings many beauty and health benefits so why wouldn’t you want to have an early night, snuggle under the covers and slip on a relaxing eye mask to help you drift off and wake up looking and feeling amazing.

Whatever reason you need to use an eye masks, they are well worth the investment, and we have a gorgeous selection here