How Cleo Active Works

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Just like a massage - when you want it


Cleo Active is a mains’ operated home-use leg massage treatment designed using pneumatic air compression boots to provide a therapeutic and relaxing lower leg and foot massage providing complete conditioning for your legs.

  • helps soothe and relax your lower leg muscles.
  • helps revive your legs if you have lack of stimulation and limited mobility.
  • helps promote relaxation and comfort to your legs.
  • helps prevent leg problems developing if used regularly.
  • helps improve your general well-being.


> it gently applies and releases compression below the knee

> it mimics the pumping action of exercise

> it replicates the sensation of a physical 'hands on' kneading massage

Simple Operation

Cleo Active leg massage treatment is delivered through lightweight knee high compression boot leggings which connect to a hand-held, computerised control unit with a simple ‘button press’ operation panel.

Intelligent Design

With a micro-computer smart design, offering 3 user selectable strength settings and 2 rhythm adjustments to suit individual requirements, Cleo Active compression boot leg massage treatment offers a high volume pressure output with gentle and gradual progression.

The leg massage treatment is pre-set to run a 20 minute treatment session and has a built in shut down timer for ease of operation.


Each compression boot is open toed with either a front zip or Velcro fastening depending on the size you choose, are made from a lightweight, maintenance free, strong but delicate material providing maximum comfort and durability and minimum maintenance.

Cleo Active not only invigorates your legs, it looks after your entire body and can help a variety of people...

from athletes to the elderly, office workers to those on their feet all day, in fact anyone wanting to revitalise or improve the condition of their legs or provide relief for those with existing leg problems.


cleo-active-air-pressure-massage-action.pngFor many, modern living increasingly involves less exercise and we don’t get the activity we need that keeps our blood flowing enough to support good circulation.

Leg massage treatment has been used in sports and athletics for many years to help relieve pain, strengthen muscles and heal injury. Its benefits are recognized to be greatly advantageous for performance and general fitness.

If you’re restricted from taking regular exercise either by time or mobility constraints, or just don’t have the inclination, then Cleo Active compression boot leg massage treatment can perform the essential stimulation your body needs.

Cleo Active compression boot leg massage treatment are an easy, effortless way of achieving the same benefits you would receive from a professional massage therapist, and can be done in the comfort of your own home any time when you need it.

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