Cleo Pads: Types


Cleo pads are available in varying shapes and sizes depending on the treatment area they’re used for; specifically designed to suit the size of the muscle they are stimulating, they should be used ONLY on the recommended area. 

Cleo Pads For The Face


Round Cleo pads and oblong Cleo pads are for all facial treatments.

Both shapes work in exactly the same way and are provided as options depending on the size and shape of your face. You can use one shape or a combination of both, depending on your personal preference.

They are available to purchase separately or in a mixed pack.

Click one of the following options to place an order for Cleo face pads: Round | Oblong | Mixed 

Cleo Pads For The Neck

neck-pad.pngCleo neck pads are square in shape and slightly larger than round and oblong pads. 

They also have a press-stud connection and are compatible with all Cleo leads.

They are used only for the specific neck program on the collar bone position; this is because the muscles here are bigger than those on the face, therefore require a wider contact surface to effectively transmit stimulation. 

The neck pads are used more infrequently than face pads as you only use 2 per workout routine, so a pack of these should last a lot longer than the expected usage time for face pads. 

Click here to place an order for Cleo neck pads.  

Cleo Pads For The Body

body-pad.pngCleo body pads are also square and much bigger for coverage of larger muscle groups. They have a tab connector on one egde rather than a central press-stud connector.

They are used for all Cleo body treatments:

> Upper Arms

> Hands

> Chest

> Abdomen

> Buttocks

> Thighs (cellulite program)

> Lower Legs

Cleo body pads have a much longer expected usage period than face pads. 

 This is because skin on the body generally contains fewer impurities, due to less  exposure to environmental toxins.    

Click here to place an order for Cleo body pads.


To prolong electrode pad life, increase adhesion and improve skin contact we recommend that you use one of our specially formulated cleansers prior to pad placement, which are made from ingredients compatible with the hydrogel.


Facial treatment:

Deep Cleansing Moisture Mousse 150ml

Pre-Treatment Contact Gel 100ml

Body Treatments: 

Skin Preparation Gel 100ml

None of cleansers contain oil, are completely water based and have a low alcohol content so as not to provide more gentle but effective cleansing> 

All are hypo-allergenic and not tested on animals. 

If you choose not to use one of our recommended cleansers and prefer to use an alternative product we cannot accept responsibility if this affects the adhesive properties of the gel or transmission of the current.