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Exclusive Advanced Digital Technology


Originally developed by highly distinguished medical pioneers at Liverpool University, Cleo Discreet delivers scientifically proven technology you can trust!

Our technicians have developed a revolutionary new way to exercise a weak pelvic floor far superior to any other method. 

It boasts the most advanced technological progression in digital pelvic exercise in more than 50 years, with its unique and exclusive stimulation mechanism.

Cleo Discreet's innovative technology comprehensively out-performs its rivals with:

  • advanced multi-wave energy delivery
  • interactive and pro-active muscle management
  • enhanced time and energy efficiency


Super Trophic Neuromuscular Stimulation

Electronic pulses replicate the brain signals that activate and influence your muscles, manipulating them in to routine for movement to tone the muscle. This is what initially stimulates your workout, and actuates the muscles in to a a workout routine they would not normal get from day to day movement.


Cumulative Charge Stimulation Technology

Staggered pulse transmission; a more efficient stimulation method with little wastage as the gradual trickle of pulses allows the muscle to effectively absorb up to 1000% more energy than traditional electrical stimulation which transmits signals in one large delivery.


Bi-polar Migration - transmission & recovery via both poles

Unlike standard forms of electrical stimulation that transmit via one contact point & exit via the other, our world exclusive system transmits via both contact points, finds the most resourceful route through the deep muscle layers & feeds back to the entry points, stimulating a much wider, deeper area of muscle than any other toning device.

Only this complexity of stimulation can safely develop your muscle to cause physiological changes. Compared to its competitors Cleo’s award winning treatment gives more efficient output transmission, accurate pulse release and a reliable energy delivery.