Discreet Pelvic Floor Exerciser

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Life's Better When You're In Control


Pelvic weakness can manifest itself in several ways, any and all of which contribute to a pretty miserable time for any woman suffering the symptoms.

Cleo Discreet pelvic floor exerciser's electrical pulses are proven to stimulate deeper areas of pelvic muscle than conventional stimulators, making them much stronger, much sooner. 

Soon after starting to use the Cleo Discreet pelvic floor exerciser, you’ll soon begin to feel the benefits of your regular pelvic workout, and take back control.

Cleo Discreet pelvic floor exerciser works 90% of your muscle, so it makes sense that it’s the most successful at bringing lasting results!

Why Choose Cleo Discreet Pelvic Floor Exerciser?

Using Cleo Discreet pelvic floor exerciser is the best way to make sure that pelvic floor (Kegel) exercises are done correctly and effectively.

There are many reasons why you should choose Cleo Discreet pelvic floor exerciser to help exercise a weak pelvic floor – but in a nutshell…

It's convenient

Using Cleo Discreet pelvic floor exerciser is so convenient and less time consuming than any other form of pelvic exercise.

It's quick & effective

5 minute daily sessions can (in some cases) show results within a matter of weeks, dependant on the level of weakness that exists. Many women notice an improvement in their muscle response as soon as they begin to use Cleo Discreet pelvic floor exerciser.

It's reliable

Cleo Discreet pelvic floor exerciser's induced contractions (pelvic squeezes) ensures your kegel exercises are done as they should be and guarantees the best possible results in the shortest possible time.

It's value for money

Cleo Discreet pelvic floor exerciser is an investment that will benefit you for life. 

Using Cleo Discreet Pelvic Exerciser Can Help

  • protect against symptoms of pelvic insufficiency
  • restore your pelvic wellbeing
  • tighten vaginal grip during intercourse - improving intimate sensations for you and your partner
  • maintain strong, healthy muscle tone
  • boost self esteem and confidence
  • reinstate the feeling of femininity
  • prevent further muscle weakness developing
  • preserve pelvic health into the future