Discreet Features & Benefits

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What Sets Cleo Discreet Apart?

woman-laying-down.jpgYou’d be forgiven for thinking that one electrical current is much the same as any other…it may feel the same - but it’s not!

Cleo Discreet pelvic muscle exerciser boasts the most advanced technological progression in digital pelvic exercise in more than 50 years, with its unique and exclusive stimulation mechanism and was designed BY women FOR women!

Efficient muscle stimulation 

Our new ‘pocket energy’ transmission releases a trickle of energy gradually enough for your body to absorb it fully, as opposed to high impact transmissions which force your body to reject the majority of the signal. This means that Cleo Discreet pelvic muscle exerciser is capable of safely and accurately releasing up to 1000 times more energy into the muscle than any other form of pelvic toning in significantly less time. 

More exercise - less effort

Cleo Discreet pelvic muscle exerciser performs more kegel contractions per treatment than any other pelvic toner; up to 1500 in a single session (more than 3 times the recommended daily minimum), whilst you sit back and relax.

Greater effectiveness

Cleo Discreet pelvic muscle exerciser reaches a deeper and wider area of pelvic muscle than any other toning method. Our sophisticated multi-sequence frequency technology is able to retrain 90% of your deep muscle tissues. Other devices that use outdated single pulse frequency such as TNS, EMS or micro-current only stimulate around 10% of the area.

Interactive self help

Cleo Discreet pelvic muscle exerciser is the only digital toner with a pro-active muscle management setting, putting you in back in control of your body. Our ‘assist mode’ function encourages you to manually squeeze your pelvic muscle alongside induced stimulation, helping you achieve independent pelvic floor health.

Ergonomic design

Cleo Discreet pelvic muscle exerciser has ‘one press’ control buttons for ease of operation with an inbuilt LCD providing visual confirmation of settings and prompts for interaction.

Enhanced comfort

Designed with consideration for the female form; the Discreet ErgoForm internal stimulator probe is made from a soft neoprene rubber which causes no abrasion to your soft internal tissues. It has also been specially shaped to comfortably fit the natural contour of the vagina.

Dimensions 7cm x 2.3cm approx


Integrated relaxation

Cleo Discreet pelvic muscle exerciser supports your body’s capability for responsiveness; providing ‘rest’ periods between stimulation to prevent fatigue of your sensitive muscles and allow full recovery in preparation for the next contraction.

Time saving

We know that pelvic exercise can be time consuming, and many devices have prolonged programmes. Cleo Discreet pelvic muscle exerciser effectively stimulates the pelvic floor 75% quicker than any other pelvic toner without compromising efficacy. 


Cleo Discreet pelvic muscle exerciser has 0 (zero) output at initialisation with user adjustable intensity control settings providing optimum comfort during treatment.


Cleo Discreet pelvic muscle exerciser is a fully pre-programmed microprocessor with integrated timer and the only pelvic exerciser with 12 user selectable variable program options and settings.