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Achieve results - just like these satisfied ladies


Cleo Discreet is a safe, effective way to restore and strengthen your pelvic muscle tone. It can work for any woman wanting to preserve pelvic strength or prevent pelvic weakness.

There’s no better endorsement than feedback from those that have used it! A selection of our customers talk about the their experience using Cleo's Advanced Digital Pelvic Toner, the benefits they've achieved, and how it has made a difference in their life.

Mrs Newton

“this pelvic exerciser has for me been literally LIFE CHANGING”

Mrs Train

“Superb product - it has given me my life back!”

Mrs Hewitt, Beverly 

"I’m particularly impressed by the fact that the Cleo Discreet has made such a difference to my pelvic floor insufficiency..." Read More

Mrs Maleham 

"Thank you, it means such a lot to me not to be always looking for the toilets. You have given me a new lease of life." 

Mrs Ducat 

"As a tool to fight stress incontinence, this product is great!" 

Dr Armstrong

“IT‘S A GOOD PRODUCT; I’m very happy with the results”

Mrs Cullingford, Watchet 

"I had a ring inserted for a prolapse following complications, my doctor is very interested to know how I get on with Cleo Discreet so she can recommend it to other patients. I now no longer need the ring!" 

Sue, New Zealand  
“What a wonderful little unit this is. Very easy to use. I didn’t have a particular problem especially, just wanted to preserve what I had..." Read More
Ms Ingram 
"I just wanted to say how pleased I am with my Cleo Discreet. After having my third daughter in 1995 I had severe problems with passing urine..." Read More
Mrs Mason 
"It’s excellent and I wish I had known about it sooner. I know so many women who have issues but are not always ready to admit they need help."  
Mrs Curry 
"Very happy with discreet, I feel it has prevented or postponed surgery!" 

"I do believe my pelvic floor muscles are well exercised and strong having used Cleo Discreet for years now. I’ll continue to use the machine as I do believe it helps strengthen the muscles they touch." 


"As a nurse I frequently recommend the Cleo Discreet to patients, colleagues and friends." 

Mrs Wise 
Mrs Cook, Sutton Coldfield 
"I use my Cleo Discreet as a boost every so often, and find it really works; I’m thrilled with it, thank you." 
Ms Ingham 
"Having used Cleo Discreet for just over a week now, it appears to have relieved me of my stress incontinence" 

Achievable Results

Results of a recent independent consumer survey of around 400 women, aged 25-75, who had previously tried manual kegel exercise and / or other pelvic toning devices without achieving success told us that…  
  • 98% were able to cough, laugh or sneeze without experiencing symptoms of pelvic weakness
  • 85% saw a noticeable and significant improvement within a few weeks of use. 
  • 78% felt a great boost in their confidence and enjoyed a renewed feeling of femininity
  • 67% were less anxious in social situations and away from home
  • 64% no longer required the use of feminine hygiene products
  • 54% experienced and enjoyed greater pleasure during physical intimacy
  • 28% felt it had postponed or prevented surgery

Of course, many women achieved beyond their expectations; smaller percentages saw results within days and in other aspects of managing their pelvic health. Every woman has a different reason for needing pelvic stimulation and Cleo Discreet can help provide a solution to them all. 


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