Reviews of Cleo Discreet

Mrs Hewitt, Beverly "I’m particularly impressed by the fact that the Cleo Discreet has made such a difference to my pelvic floor insufficiency. I have had two lots of abdominal surgery that left my pelvic floor muscles seriously weakened and had been told I may require further surgery to correct the problem. The Discreet is gradually restoring my muscle strength and has made a huge difference to my confidence and physical comfort." 

Sue, New Zealand “What a wonderful little unit this is. Very easy to use. I didn’t have a particular problem especially, just wanted to preserve what I had. As a retired midwife, I am well aware of the devastating effects that hormonal loss, ageing and post childbirth can have on your pelvic floor, physiology and entire quality of life. Nature is very unkind to women, and the damage done to your pelvic floor from pregnancy &delivery are underestimated and insidious. I have a friend expecting twins, & instead of baby presents I will buy her one of your units. Good luck with your product, every woman should have one.” 

Ms Ingram " I just wanted to say how pleased I am with my Cleo Discreet. After having my third daughter in 1995 I had severe problems with passing urine, and I ended up with “stress incontinence” on exercise and sneezing. To tackle this I have had various treatments including acupuncture and have used an Aqua Flex internal device (which I did not see much improvement with and gave up). I saw your advert in Marie Claire magazine and subsequently purchased. Having used it for just over a week now it appears to have relieved me of my stress incontinence on sneezing but what’s more as a keen tennis player it appears to have relieved my troublesome problems on court. There is also another improvement I have noticed which I do not think is a coincidence. After childbirth I also had piles and my tail end was obviously traumatized. Since I have been using Discreet things have also seemed to come back to life in this department. I cannot express how thrilled I am to have ‘secret agent Q’ as my treasured friend. This device is neat, easy to use and keep clean. I do not see any problem with continuing for life. I see the rewards as immense. I will make sure that I spread the word of how good Cleo Q is. As you are aware stress incontinence is widespread and not very pleasant, I cannot understand how little there is to solve this problem, congratulations on your great little device and I wish you every success in conquering the world."