Reviews of Cleo Active

Mr N Johnson, Cheshire

"Dear Cleo , First of all may I say thank you, for the production of the CLEO ACTIVE, which has done all your companies claims. Namely that it will rid my legs of fluid retention. If your products hadn’t have been on the market, I would have had to used tablets which would have ruined my kidneys. When i bought them they cost £30 more than now. Thats great vale for money."

Trevor Robshaw

"I was recently diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and one of the things my GP was worried about was the circulation in my legs. Being partially Disabled I was limited in the amount, and type of exercise that I could do, which in turn would affect my circulation. To help this my daughter bought me Cleo Active to try it out. Aswell as improving my diabetes management, Cleo Active has improved my quality of life, by helping to control my restless leg syndrome."


"Would highly recommend this product.

I’ve been using this every day for over a week now and it has really made a difference. I have major problems with my legs due to nerve damage caused by spinal injury. After 4 years of trying most things I wasn’t really holding out a lot of hope but, since this was similar to what they used on me in hospital I thought it was worth a try.

I have constant cramp in both legs and partial loss of sensation in both legs. Following spinal surgery I also have swelling in one leg and the muscles are usually in a hard knot (which can be quite painful). So, with this in mind, I was going to subject the Cleo Massage System to a pretty major test and it passed with flying colours.
In just over one week I have stopped taking painkillers, swelling in left leg is not there all the time, the severe night cramps have stopped and I get occasional movement in the leg muscles. Very compact so it will be portable and coming with me when we holiday too. Before starting use with these painkillers would have been my only option to keep moving. Do they help provide relief? Yes – definitely and if they help someone with the disabilities I have what can they do for tired legs?"

Mr Galning, Hull

"I work in IT and sometimes sit for 10-11 hours a day and one leg has vein narrowing that is causing pain and fluid in my foot. The relief from these inflatable booties is ENORMOUS. I wish I could wear them for more than the 20 mins a day.
I’ve tried leg elevating and other stuff but this is the only thing that relieves the aching. BRILLIANT. And my Dr recommends I keep on with it."


"I wasn’t entirely convinced when I was told about this product, but after reading other people’s comments it seemed a lot more credible than I had imagined.

I decided to purchase the product and give it a go, and very pleased I did. I suffer from extremely tight calves after the gym and playing golf as well as restless leg syndrome at night. I began using them as soon as they arrived (very well packaged at that) and immediately noticed the benefit. Whenever I finish at the gym or come back from a round of golf I stick them on level 2 for 20 minutes and my calves feel brand new afterwards as well as sleeping better as I am not fidgeting. Very impressed & relieved!!
I would highly recommend this product to anybody thinking about purchasing it."

Mrs Edwards, Gwynedd

"I had a lot of trouble and a great deal of pain in my left leg. I bought Cleo Active. After many months of daily use, the congestion went and then my veins were straight up and down. I am so grateful that I tried Cleo Actives, it was £89.99 when I purchased it but it was worth every single penny."

Mrs Hilsley, Shirebrook

"My legs feel marvellous I put the boots on 3 times a day. I have had them one week I am not slimming but I am half a stone lighter I am still taking medication for fluid retention but never lost weight before. So it must be the boots getting rid of the fluid. They are wonderful, I just wish I had found them years ago, my legs feel they are wrapped in silk!"

Mrs Hayes, Halifax

"I have always had poor circulation to the feet. Since using Cleo Active my feet have improved in appearance, become warmer and my toe nails grow better. I use the leggings at night as they are also very relaxing. I have bought leggings for relations who are all very pleased with them."

Mrs Clephane, Tadley

"I bought Cleo Active specifically to improve very poor circulation for both pre and post long haul flights as I am no longer very mobile and i was very worried about DVTS. I fly to see my daughter/family in USA quite often so I am delighted how well this works, particularly so as flight socks/stockings do not work for me."