6 Tips for Wonderful Winter Skin

by Cleo Beauty Editor

Year round radiant, soft skin is what everyone would like, but during the colder months our skin can easily become rough, dry and dehydrated for a number of reasons.

The warmer, more humid weather of spring and summer combined with increased fluid intake and more time spent in the fresh air means that our skin is generally more hydrated. During winter, when we are often less active, spending more time indoors in artificially heated environments, our skin becomes thirsty for lost moisture.

Coupled with the indulgences of party season skin is left feeling even more dull, neglected and in need of some pampering!

Here are a few hints and tips for keeping your skin in peak condition this winter.


This may sound obvious but some people don’t always remember to moisturise! 

Regular use of a good  moisturiser can really help to keep your skin hydrated. There are so many to choose from and it can be difficult to know which is the most suitable.

Always choose a moisturiser based on your skin type and your skin's requirements and for best results during autumn and winter - use a combination of day creamnight cream and serum to give it a boost of nutrition. 

One of the best products to use to replenish tired, dehydrated skin and lock in natural moisture is Argan Oil; if you've never tried it before, it's well worth the investment. 


A poor diet lacking essential vitamins and minerals will show signs such as flaky skin. 

General tips for healthy eating include important vitamins such as A, C, D and E - these can be found in a range of fruits and vegetables such as dark leafy greens (vitamins A & C), carrots (vitamin A), Kiwi fruit, peppers and berries (vitamin C) and avocados (Vitamin E)


Dry skin can also be a build-up of dead skin cells which hinders the skin from ridding your body of toxins. Gentle exfoliation can help to shed these dead skin cells resulting in a more luminous and youthful complexion. 

It’s important not to exfoliate too vigorously because too harsh a treatment can remove some of the skin’s protective barrier too, so gentle but effective is the best recipe! 

Cleo Q Probiotic Skin Sheer Radiance Polish is a non-abrasive and wonderfully light way to exfoliate, unclog pores and brighten the complexion whilst adding moisture too; it gently sloughs off dead skin cells that dull the complexion, helping to repair and stabilise the skin’s surface.


Finding a good cleanser that doesn’t pull moisture from your skin is essential to keeping your skin hydrated during winter - alcohol free cleansers are best and can be equally as effective  

Cleo’s Probiotic Foam Cleanser is a unique mineral and herbal formula which offers both deep cleansing and moisturise retention elements helping to retain the skin’s elasticity and luminosity. 

A little goes a long way and this large 150ml bottle can last 2-3 months. 


If the thought cold water chills just doesn't seem worth the benefits of healthier skin, try cooled boiled water from the kettle – it’ll warm you up and flush your system too.Drinking plenty of water is an excellent way of keeping the skin hydrated and radiant during the winter months. 

If water's just too bland when you're craving a comforting cup of tea or coffee, liven up the flavour by simply adding a slice of lemon, fresh ginger or cucumber.


So, you're doing everything right, but your skin still seems a little lack-lustre but there's one last tip that can really boost your complexion with immediate results. 

Using a face mask once a week (or twice if you have time) can really enhance your complexion and give it a salon treatment finish, plus it's a good excuse to escape into the bathroom for 15 minutes of peace and quiet. 

We recommend cloth facial masks as their application creates humidity and warmth between the mask and your skin allowing for better penetration of active ingredients, but if you prefer mud masks or peels, then use those instead. 

If you've never used a facial mask before, then it's a good New Years resolution, check out what's available here: cloth face masksface masks & peels