The Anti-Ageing Health & Beauty Show

by Cleo Customer Care Team
Cleo Q Non-Surgical Face Lift featured in The Anti-Ageing Health & Beauty Show Guide – November 2014Cleo Q is a safe, effective home-use facial rejuvenation treatment, scientifically proven to combat the common signs of ageing. An award-winning…

Cellulite Beating Foods

by Club Cleo
Beating cellulite requires a disciplined and measured approach which will most likely include increased exercise, a more nutritive diet and giving up or reducing habits like smoking and drinking. If not already part of your diet, adding these few t…

Types of cellulite

by Club Cleo
Is there only one type of cellulite? No, at current there are three identified types: Adipose, Fibrotic and Oedematous. Adipose cellulite is perhaps the one that people are the most familiar with; it is the occurrence of an orange peel…