Our Green Ethos

Here at Cleo Health & Beauty, we are actively committed to maintaining a greener and more eco-friendly processing system, which is filtered right down to our warehouse and despatch.

Aside from the usual general waste sorting, our office and warehouse teams recycle as much paper and packaging as possible; not just for our own storage purposes but to our customers too.

Your parcel will arrive discreetly marked and your items will always be sent in their original packaging, however for shipping purposes and added protection, we may sometimes, but not always, send your goods in a box from a different product (turned inside out and / or covered with a bag) as unlike some larger companies, we do not agree with using boxes that are over-sized for their contents, or using separate packaging boxes when we already have so many spare!

We may also use shredded scrap / used paper as packing to fill space in boxes for fragile items; rest assured however that the quality of goods ordered or our service is never compromised.

Moreover, we partner with a third party company who recycle anything from very large cardboard boxes, ink cartridges etc to our old computers, which are either restored or used to make other products to help those suffering in LEDC countries; all part of the green ethos we instil throughout the company!