Why Sex Is Good For You

10 Reasons Why Sex Is Good For Your Health

1.It boosts your mood – during sex your body releases endorphins, the body’s own feel good hormones. These natural opiates make us feel happy and help to solidify the emotional bond between two people. 

2.It relieves pain - when you make love, the body produces a number of neurotransmitters that help to block pain signals. By helping you to relax it makes pain more bearable. Orgasms have also been shown to relieve period pains, if only for a few minutes. If you don't like the thought of sex during your period, massaging areas of the body can be equally beneficial. The buttocks, back, feet and breasts are good starting points.

3.It can strengthen your immune system – regular sex gives a boost to the immune system that could ward off colds and flu. Research has indicated that moderate sexual activity increases levels of a compound in the body called Immunoglobulin A which binds to bacteria and triggers the immune system to destroy them. 

4.It can keep you looking young – regular sex releases the oestrogen hormone which helps maintain youthful looks…so the more you make love, the slower you’ll age! 

5.It can help you lose weight – sex counts as cardio! During the average lovemaking session you will burn off around *200 calories which is equivalent to swimming eight lengths of a swimming pool or 15 minutes circuit training. A vigorous session can burn up to 500 calories an hour – equivalent to gentle jogging or moderate cycling. 

6.It tones muscles – squeezing your pelvic floor muscles during lovemaking can help to strengthen the muscles that support the bladder, uterus and bowel. Trying out new positions can also help to firm the muscles, especially the groups around the pelvis, thighs, stomach and buttocks. Not only that, every time you climax, your pelvic muscles contract, so the more often you do it, the more your muscles are being worked. 

7.It gives your heart and lungs a workout – As sex boosts the heart rate up to 130 beats a minute and makes you breathe harder it has all the health benefits of aerobic exercise. 

8.It can alleviate stress – during intercourse your focus is on the sensations and emotions you are feeling so your mind is released from the worries that are causing your anxiety. During orgasm your mental awareness is temporarily paused and you enter a state of oblivion. The after effects can last for quite a while so you become more relaxed and less concerned with your everyday problems.

9.It boosts your confidence - Kissing is good for your health and can help confidence levels. When we kiss someone, we start to relax and feel loved. Passionate kissing is said to wake up the entire nervous system via the fifth cranial nerve.

10.It can help you sleep - In both men and women, levels of the hormone oxytocin peak during orgasm which has a gentle tranquilising effect. Remember sex is a far healthier cure for insomnia than sleeping tablets