Don't Risk Surgery

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Choose a safe, natural anti-ageing solution


The fight against ageing has never been so prevalent in society, prompting a whole host of options to help us turn back time. When looking for treatments to reverse the signs of ageing, there are some serious questions you should consider before purchase.

  1. Will it work? 
  2. Is it safe? 
  3. How cost effective is it? 
  4. How long will it last?

There are varying opinions about the value or effects of the many anti-ageing treatments, but what we can say about Cleo Q is:

  1. YES it will work
  2. YES it's safe
  3. YES it's cost effective
  4. & it can last a lifetime! 

Say YES to Cleo Q anti-ageing solution

  • Cleo Q is a more affordable & cost effective alternative
  • Cleo Q is a 100% safe & natural anti-ageing treatment
  • Cleo Q is a one off investment which can last a lifetime
  • Cleo Q is good for you, giving you a sense of wellbeing
  • Cleo Q can target specific problem areas to suit personal needs
  • Cleo Q tackles the cause rather than the effects of ageing
  • Cleo Q provides long term benefits, not just a temporary fix
  • Cleo Q can be used in the privacy & comfort of your own home
  • Cleo Q gives you more youthful looks & you still look like you
  • Cleo Q is scientifically proven to lift, firm, tighten & tone muscle 

The truth about anti-ageing alternatives


Anti-wrinkle creams

Creams are an important part of your skincare regime as they provide a protective barrier against external elements that can cause damage. However, creams used in isolation are not sufficient to actively diminish signs of ageing.

Fillers & injections

Botox & fillers tighten the skin through repeated paralysis of the muscles in the face that create expression. The danger of continual Botox is that over time the brain will stop sending signals to the face as they have been constantly rejected through paralysis – causing treatment to become essential rather than optional.

A surgical face lift

Surgery is often thought of as a permanent anti ageing solution, but in fact this process merely stretches your skin, without benefiting the underlying muscle which supports the facial structure. As a result, the effects of surgery are often diminished over time resulting in the need for a further procedure…Moreover, there’ is a huge health risk involved with going under the knife in addition to large financial commitment.

Salon non-surgical treatments

Salon based non surgical face lift programs have been a first choice for many women, but the on-going cost and time commitment can make it a prohibitive solution long term. With the average cost approx. £45 per session, women tend to adopt monthly non surgical face lift treatments which is too irregular to gain anything other than temporary results.