Cleo vs Competitors

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No other non-invasive face lift is the same!


Cleo out-performs other devices with its unique stimulation method

Cleo was the first non invasive face lift of its kind almost 30 years ago and today remains the only natural facial rejuvenation treatment to stimulate deep facial muscle.  

TNS, EMS, MICRO-CURRENT, FARADIC, GALVANIC and so on…You’d be forgiven for thinking that one electrical current is much the same as any other. It may feel as though it is the same, but it isn't!

All other non-invasive face lift treatments use one of the above methods to stimulate facial muscle, with a single pulse frequency. All are old technology and fairly basic in performance, working only 5% of your facial muscle on the surface.

Research has proven that varied levels of frequencies and stimulation methods are necessary to treat different muscle areas in order to provide long term improvement.

Our technicians developed a revolutionary new way to reactivate deep muscle; a process that's exclusive to Cleo. It's the most advanced progression in electrical muscle stimulation for more than 50 years.

Advanced Technology

Cleo's natural facial rejuvenation technology comprehensively out-performs them all with 3 advanced stimulation methods combined; STNS, CCST & BPM.

This is our most advanced technology to date, and is the most efficient Cleo module since we began 25 years ago! Each different stimulation method works in harmony for ultimate muscle tone and rejuvenation.

STNS, Super Trophic Neuromuscular Stimulation

Electronic pulses replicate the brain signals that activate and influence your muscles, manipulating them in to routine for movement to tone the muscle.

CCST, Cumulative Charge Stimulation Technology

A staggered pulse transmission rather than a single delivery of energy. The Cleo Q operates completely on its own. Once you have turned it on and set the strength of the current, you are free to relax and let the unit work its magic. It runs its own cycle (beginning on programme one for 7 minutes) with a 5:5 ratio. Five seconds of work and muscle stimulation followed by 5 seconds of rest. This keeps the muscles active without fatiguing them, which is the most effective way to build tone.

BPM, Bi-Polar Migration

Transmission & recovery via both poles. Energy is transmitted much deeper as it can return to the same contact point by finding the most resourceful route through the deep muscle layers & feeding back to the entry points, stimulating a much wider, deeper area of muscle than any other toning device.

Cleo's multi-sequence pocket release pulse transmission reaches more of your facial muscles than any other non invasive face lift treatment. 

It works 95% of your deep muscle, so it makes sense that it is the most successful at bringing lasting natural facial rejuvenation results!

> Click here to read more about our 3 in 1 technology: STNS, CCST & BMP 

Why one pad either side of the face is not enough! 

It is true that the Cleo non invasive face lift system uses more pads than any other non invasive face lift treatment; some even using none, with treatment applied via prongs that press against the skin.

Electrical current will not travel through muscle by itself. It will simply find the quickest exit route, reducing the impact of stimulation...which is why other non invasive face lift devices can’t produce the same natural facial rejuvenation benefit as Cleo can. 

How effective a non-invasive treatment is with ...

One pad

The current will enter and exit at the same point, covering only the width of the pad surface. It therefore cannot work any other area of the face apart from where the pad is sited. As there is only 1 pad placement area, stimulation is extremely limited.


The current will only pass between the 2 prongs. Yes you can move these to different parts of the face, however this can be a laborious and time consuming task, and continued and indefinite movement makes it almost impossible to exercise the face in its entirety.

Three pads

3 pads will allow access to the entire facial muscle network. The current will pass via the leads to the additional pads to give over 70% more coverage and stimulation than any other method.

On-going cost implication: 

Cleo uses 6 pads in total for facial treatment, but is still more cost effective than those using 2, with an average cost per session of around 10p.