Cleo Features & Benefits

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The secret; it works in harmony with your body!


Quick, easy and effortless hands free sessions

Via strategically positioned medical grade electrode pads, Cleo transmits a unique series of pulses that replicate the rapid nerve signals inherent in youth to revive and retrain your deep muscle layers. 

Intelligent & Safe

Cleo is a fully pre-programmed microprocessor with an integrated shut off timer, so you don’t have to monitor treatment time.


Cleo offers multiple workout options for different treatable areas, so whichever part of your face concerns you the most, Cleo has the answer.


Wroks on body areas too for a complete top to toe workout, providing flexibility to suit individual requirements. 


Cleo is compact and lightweight. 


Short time commitment with sessionsof 20 minutes for the face

Easy To Use

Cleo has ‘one press’ control buttons