Cleo History

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An Ancient Remedy for Eternal Youth


The History of Cleo Technology

The concept of using electrical stimulation to rejuvenate the face and body dates back to Ancient times.

Reputed as one of the most beautiful women that ever lived, Queen Cleopatra of Egypt is reported to have used electric eels in an attempt to achieve eternally youthful skin. 

After discovering in the 1980's that electrical stimulation was being used medically to treat damaged muscle, we investigated the possibility of using the technology as an anti-ageing solution, hence the birth of the original Cleo treatment.

Cleo technology was originally developed from a pioneering breakthrough by British scientists at Liverpool University, to treat facial paralysis & other forms of muscle injury, using STNS – Super Trophic Neuromuscular Stimulation.

The results achieved medically were so astonishing that the technology was modified for use on healthy muscle and made available for cosmetic benefit.

Cleo Q technology has transformed considerably over recent years, refining its method of transmitting pulses and incorporating new, sophisticated technology into the process to provide improved comfort and added benefit.